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A time to enjoy in relaxation and peace with the people you care about, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The journey to return to yourself begins in the mysterious land embraced by the Suwa Grand Shrine and lake Suwa (Suwako).

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- VAT is included, but bathing tax (around JPY 150 per adult) may NOT be included.
- Price in USD is based on the exchange rate as of today and might be different from that of the booking date.


Sui’s Menu An name that encomapsses the the entire range of cuisine that Suwako has to offer, made with the best of the season’s ingredients from Shinshu Suwa, delicious and healthy.
From Shinshu-Suwa, the resort sources locally brewed sake and ingredients for cooking miso, soy sauce and flavourful seasonings etc. Providing the healthiest produce straight from the heart of Shinshu.

- Get-together dining
Sui is all about having fun together. Be it a grand family get-together with three generations or fun with the company of friends, this colorful course meal suits all. From children to the elderly, everyone can have a wonderful conversation over this course meal.
- Kutsurogi no Zen
Sui-Suwako’s meal combines the best ingredients from all over the country for a delicious dining experience. Indulge in a meal crafted through skill and meticulous effort.
- Meals with Sake
A course served with Suwa's local sake that compliments the food. This low volume meal makes the perfect choice for those who enjoy sake.

Private Dining
The resort offers eight fully furnished dining rooms. The rooms are spacious and can accommodate up to eight guests, or you can even relax by just yourself if you choose. (Customers with children are requested to dine only at the restaurant venue)
※ The 2nd floor has two dining rooms that can also accommodate wheelchairs.


Open Air bath with Great Lake View The outdoor bath offers a breathtaking view overlooking Lake Suwa. Spend a luxurious time relaxing and watching the mesmerising Suwako as you enjoy a hot bath with a bath dress. The bath dress is designed to be easily enjoyed by women as well without exposing much skin.

The Deck
Besides ready-made drinks available at the deck, the place also offers beverages. Wi-Fi is als available, so you can fully enjoy your stay.
The deck on the roof is surrounded by a fence, the best spot to gaze at lake Suwa from the resort. So sit back and enjoy a luxurious experience.


Facilities Not only a spectacular outlook, the resort focuses on simplicity and beauty in minimalism. With a sublime combination of plain wood, plaster and tatami you can feel truly relaxed in this beautiful place.

The Local Sake Bar
After 8 o'clock, the local sake bar opens for service at the irori space. The region of Suwa boasts many sake breweries. Be sure to enjoy the tasting set where you can try various sake from the Suwa region. The place also offers rare delicacies prepared with sake ingredients from Lake Suwa. When at Sui-Suwako, please relish this unique drinking experience.

The Engawa
Enjoy relaxation at the Engawa. Cool off in the summer with a fan and some chilled tea. Gaze at the the garden as it lights up with while sipping sake.


36.052706 138.112853

2-5-27, Kogandori, Suwa city,,Nagano,392-0027,JAPAN
Chuo Expressway:15 minutes by car from Suwa Inter-Change.
Chuo Main Line: 15 minutes on foot from Kami-Suwa Station towards Suwa lake direction.


3 Reviews
4.67 /5
Shibata san
The place is very spacious. It’s simple and has a calm atmosphere. Really spacious, tidy and pleasant. I am glad that the bedroom was big too. The open air bath attached to the room was also awesome and had the scent of wood. The view of Lake Suwa from the open-air bath on the roof was wonderful. I have never seen such a beautiful sight! I enjoyed the meal in the private dining room, and the dishes were prepared thoroughly and with care from the staff, it was absolutely fantastic. While having their amazing sake, I enjoyed my meals to the fullest. The staff’s hospitality is the best! I was pleasantly surprised how attentive the staff is towards the customers. I bought the resort’s delicious wasabi pickles as souvenir. I’d really like to stay with them again someday. It was quite a relaxing inn. Thank you very much. + More
This hotel had just opened. It was a lovely inn where the staff worked hard without the need to go the extra mile. The room staff also gave their best to make my overnight stay great. Their food was particularly wonderful, it was a great combination of bringing different regional ingredients and local flavours together. The Yatsugatake soba with karasumi and it’s rich taste and oil was simply superb. The building’s remodel? The ingenuity is very interesting, flowers are decorated with god aesthetic judgement, the room’s adjoint open air bath, the dressing room was also quite elegant, a little like a hotel in a metropolitan area. However unfortunately, the shower in the bathroom was a bit out-dated in style. Please continue your dedicated hard work and great quality. + More
I was able to be at peace and relax thanks to great courtesy and service, right from the valet service that I received on arrival all the way to the check-out. This frankly is the best accommodation for a woman to enjoy. I was very pleased and deeply impressed, certainly adds to their reputation. The outdoor bath with a view of Lake Suwa was especially noteworthy. I remember asking, at the time of booking whether the hotel was full or not, but to my surprise I was able to relax day and night, gazing at lake Suwa without meeting anyone. Lake Suwa is really beautiful. The meals and the dining room as well were very good. The rooms were fully independent, not just divided partitions, and had their own toilet. I also got a repeater card so I can also come in the winters to enjoy the hot open air bath. I’m owe a lot of gratitude to their services. + More


Check-in Time
From 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Check-out Time
Until 11:00am
Tax / Service Charge
Bathing Tax JPY 150 per adult is NOT included in the rates.
Credit cards accepted at this property
Up to three children can stay only in Japanese and Western Style Large rooms. Please ask us for details at the time of making your reservation.
Pets are NOT allowed.
Free of charge for guests;
Other policies & conditions
Nothing in Particular.

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