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Daionsen, located at Kenji Miyazawa's hometown of Hanamaki, has numerous spring sources with a history of onsens that spans twelve hundred years. It is here in the middle of Daionsen where Yamayurino Yado is based. As you enter through the giant wooden gate, the noren-curtains fluttering in the gentle breeze welcome you into a peaceful atmosphere. Upon arrival, enjoy a cup of tea as you relax in the lobby with the sounds of nature as they engender feelings of the season. The brook flowing entwined beside Yamayurino Yado supports a variety of lives with its crystal clear waters.

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- VAT is included, but bathing tax (around JPY 150 per adult) may NOT be included.
- Price in USD is based on the exchange rate as of today and might be different from that of the booking date.


Enjoy ingredients of the seasons of Iwate by the irori-hearthside Iwate, with its rich topography, is renowned as a place that is abundant in food ingredients. From the mountains, each and every vegetable that is nourished by the water of the melting snow will greet you with the taste of spring. The matsutake mushrooms that appear from the land blessed with rainwater will inform you of the autumn.

And the freshest of marine products of Sanriku like awabi and scallops etc. provide an exquisite live taste.
And with even more to boast, like the rice grown heartily by the local farmers of Iwate, and the deliciousness of the vegetables.
Maesawa beef, sought after by chefs from all over the country, is renowned A5 class branded beef of the shorthorn cattle that features a taste that richly expands just as you bite into the lean meat. Hanamaki city, the place where Yamayurino Yado is located, is where you can find the delicious Hakkin pork that is known as Japan's first brand-pork with its delicious fat meat. The place also has a special farmhouse of the helmeted guinea fowl, famously known as the queen of bird meat all over Japan.
Thus, just like that, the prefecture of Iwate earned its title as the kingdom of food ingredients. And became a place that chefs from all over Japan yearn for.

The dining table at Yamayurino Yado is rich with such foods from Iwate and is set by the irori-hearthside with a char grill in the best way possible for you to enjoy the deliciousness of the season's foods. Once more, please be sure to fully enjoy the culinary creations prepared by the inn's chefs with all their heart.

Enjoy the season's offerings, around the irori hearth.
If you want to have the best gastronomical experience here at the place known as the kingdom of food ingredients, then you must try the char-grill cooked foods that bring out the maximum flavours. Enjoy great hospitality in an irori dining experience where you can relish the deliciousness of all ingredients, the delicate as well as the bold. The irori hearthside will mellow your heart, as it brings out the best of the food ingredients and makes the dining experience all the more fun.


And finally, wash away your tiredness of day-to-day life in the naturally flowing spring water The 'Kotobukino Yu', 'Kajikano Yu' onsens at Yamayurino Yado feature source drawn hot spring water that is sourced on-site from 300 to 400 metres underground.
The hot springs of Daionsen, a place that is known to have opened its onsens 1200 years ago, are a pride of the prefecture of Iwate renowned for their great history. The slightly alkaline and simple sulfur springs of pH 8.2 are very gentle for the body, they help rid you from tiredness and make your skin smooth.
For the guests that opt for an attached bath with their room are also urged not to miss out on trying out the famous source-drawn hot springs of Kotobukino Yu', 'Kajikano Yu.
(Please note that except for the one with the Kihinshitsu Sansuian room, the other rooms' attached baths are not onsens.)

Feel with your own skin, the famous hot springs that were first opened twelve hundred years ago.
Enjoy the feeling of the hot springs' water with your skin. Every day, the onsens are prepared by filling in source drawn water in anticipation for the arriving guests. Be sure to enjoy these source drawn onsens.


Hospitality at Yamayurino Yado · Hospitality with tea and handmade sweets.
· Select your favourite incense and use it as you like in your room
· Complimentary fancy yukata rental service (only for women)
· For dinner, irori kaiseki cuisine will be served
· You can enjoy bathing at the grand bathhouse featuring source drawn water, anytime between from 1 p.m. till 11 a.m.
· There are many varieties of shampoos and rinses available for the onsen shower.
· Also features a library corner.
· You can also borrow retro-style games.
· The futons are left laid until check-out.

Esthé Services: Available
Hours of operation: 15:00 to 23:00 by reservation system. (by 20:00 on the previous day, on-the-day subject to negotiation) Aroma Body Balance Course: 60 minutes ¥6,000 amongst various courses available.


39.453402 141.054457

2-57-9, Hanamaki-shi, dai,,Iwate,025-0305,JAPAN
When using the Tōhoku Shinkansen: The place is 20 mins by taxi from the Shin-Hanamaki station.

When using the Tōhoku Main Line: The place is 15 mins by taxi from the Hanamaki station. The line bus to Daionsen from Hanamaki station takes 30 mins. The place is 13 mins by taxi from the Hanamaki-Airport station.

When using your own vehicle: 10 mins by car from Tōhoku Expressway Hanamaki I.C. 15 mins by car from Tōhoku Expressway Hanamaki South I.C.

When arriving by air: The place is 15 mins by taxi from the Hanamaki airport.


6 Reviews
4.18 /5
It was a very pleasant inn, just as expected. We were highly satisfied with everything, from the modern-Japanese style rooms, the onsens to the service of the staff members. The arrangement of the dishes and the utensils used were also superb, and we enjoyed the food. The grilled foods and the fish and meat fragrantly grilled at the hearth were also the best. The rice at breakfast was served in a pot, and I think it was prepared individually inside of it. The rice was soft on the outside and had a firm texture on the inside, and although I thought there would be some, there wasn't any crispy rice at the bottom of the pot. I'm not sure maybe that's just their way of making rice, but personally, I'd have liked it more if there could have been some crisp rice in there as well. The one point I deducted for facilities is because it takes quite some time when using the washlet. The sound of the water filling in the clean water tank kept going on and on, and I was under the impression that there's a lack of water (or pressure?). I don't think more than two people can use it consecutively lol The welcome drinks (green tea and warabimochi) and also the free drinks at the lobby like coffee, rooibos tea, and orange juice were also quite tasty. + More
Mark NZ
Looking back on each and everything, like, their politeness at the entrance as they welcomed us, the tea and coffee served in the lobby, the rooms, the lobby, the baths, the cleanliness, the lighting, the decorations, we really appreciated all the courteousness and care. Regardless that we were able to stay at quite a good price, all meals were cooked with care, skillfully and in the best possible way, like a 'homemade' preparation. and we were relaxed by the warm cuisines that were served. It was delicious. If I may say, they should change their incense range... When I was going through the prior reviews, there was a critical comment about the place's renovation and the choice of colors but, upon looking closely I was like really? Like, and why would they say such things about the renewal site? As I began to understand the thought process that went behind the choices, and it thus became quite enjoyable from that point of view. Without a doubt, it's a wonderful resort, especially if you consider the value for your money. As I love travelling, eating and walking, and also avidly going on business and entertainment trips, and having experienced many different resorts and cuisines, it was a place of such a good level that I come across once in a year if not longer, like I'd gladly pay more than what was asked of me for the service. I can recommend this place with confidence. + More
The meals were good. Unfortunately, the renovation job that was done in the guest rooms, baths, and facilities was not up to the mark. Apart from that, there weren't any complaints except the insufficient service. It makes you think that that cannot be helped since you're in the countryside. + More
students preparing for exam in 40s
It was our first time here. Thank you so much for your service. I realised it only when we were on the way back in our car, but on the detailed statement, the dinner drinks were wrong (we'd ordered Koshu red wine 730 yen (without tax) but, it said we had Merlot silver series 977 yen (with tax)). When we stay at other resorts, but here after the meals there seemed to be too many forms to sign for the taxed wines and thus we refrained from drinking much. That was a bit unfortunate as the meals were delicious and the service was also very pleasant. I think it would be nice if the customers could check and sign after dinner to confirm, that way mistakes can be avoided. I posted it as feedback. + More
Once we arrived, we were welcomed with some nice matcha and handmade warabi-mochi. The lady who we corresponded with through our stay was also very pleasant. The meals are in the dining room with an irori hearth, and we were able to relax and enjoy our meals. Also satisfied with their breakfast. All the staff members were very pleasant and nice, and at checkout when it was found that there had been a mistake in the plan's bill, they still handled it very politely without any negative feelings. Thank you for everything. + More
Thank you so much for providing your insight to help choose a room. We had a nice and comfortable time with just us family members there. We also enjoyed our first time having hearth cooked food. The rice for breakfast was also nice and the flavour and sheen were also great. There wasn't any place to keep the hand towel, it would be nice if there was something. I wasn't able to relax in the compact lobby while enjoying the morning coffee service, I think it would be nice if there were paper cups or something so that all guests can enjoy coffee in their own rooms. It's a great inn that we'd love to come visit again in another season. + More
Aug 201


Check-in Time
From 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Check-out Time
Until 11:00am
Tax / Service Charge
Bathing tax 150 yen (per person per night for adults) will charge separately.
Credit cards accepted at this property
Available for use: Please inform the facility of the genders and ages. To ensure that all grown-ups can be at peace and relax at the 'Kihinshitsu' place, children will not be permitted inside.
Pets are NOT allowed.
Rate: Guests Free / parking time: 15:00 to 11:00 / Parking form: Outdoor / parking space: No space limitations (number) to 20 units / valet service: None
Other policies & conditions
1) Please inform of your chosen method of transport (by car, by train) for arrival. From Shin-Hanamaki station - Hanamaki Onsen shuttle bus at 15:00, please contact the facility before riding. From Shin-Hanamaki station - Daionsen shuttle bus at 16:10, 17:15 2) Please provide a phone number (mobile phone) where you can be contacted at on your arrival day. 3) Please inform if there are any food ingredients that you would like to avoid due to allergies etc. 4) Please be sure to contact the facility in case your arrival is delayed beyond 18:00.

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