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Hikonejo castle, the national treasure with the history of 400 years, is in Hikone-city. Have relaxing time at the Japanese-Style inn "Yasui", where the luxury & Japanese tradition crosses each other.

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- VAT is included, but bathing tax (around JPY 150 per adult) may NOT be included.
- Price in USD is based on the exchange rate as of today and might be different from that of the booking date.


Taste the seasonal food of the lake country Named 'Yasui' by adopting the 'i' kanji character from the Ii clan, lords of the Hikone Castle, the Ryōtei Ryokan Yasui is pleased to serve you with heartfelt hospitality so you may relax and enjoy. Cold dishes served cold, and hot served hot, each item can be fully enjoyed from the range of seasonal foods made with seasonal ingredients from lake Biwa.


A time of healing, embraced by the scent of wood… Relax and immerse yourself in the hot water, and let your mind and body be healed. Enjoy moments of pure bliss as you enjoy the season with its changing scenery, birdsong, the sound of the wind, and the fragrance of the flowers.


Traditional Japanese Ryokan Japanese Garden
Cherry blossoms, weeping apricots, leaves of autumn, mountain peonies, rhododendrons, flowering dogwoods... Each is arranged beautifully in its own unique way in the Japanese garden. Experience the changing seasons at Yasui.

A calming atmosphere leading to a Japanese yado that resonates with tradition and the drifting scent of wood. Preserving the relics of the Ōshōya, the grand headman, like the irori hearth, the tatami that lay or the corridor where so many people cross paths, echo through centuries of tradition and history. It is here that you can feel the gentle flow of time.

Crossing over the beautiful stone setts of the Japanese garden, and stepping into the building you enter a refined and rich Japanese atmosphere. Fall in love with the beautiful antique artworks and the facilities that change to suit the season.


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13-26 Yasukiyo-cho, Hikone-city Shiga Japan,Shiga,522-0082,JAPAN
Customers arriving by trains
Twelve minutes on foot from JR Hikone station, or three minutes by car.

Customers arriving by road
Ten minutes from Meishin Expressway Hikone IC.

When setting your navigation system
Please enter: Yasukiyochō, Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, 12-14 [Shirumanhonten].


4 Reviews
4.73 /5
Medaka no Tamago
The food was very delicious and was beautiful to look at as well. The place's bedding was also quite comfortable and I slept well. I had a very nice trip thanks to the kindness of the staff and the landlady. I'd like to come visit again in yet another season, for sure. Thank you very much. + More
The stay was amazingly comfortable. I'd like to stay here again.
We stayed together as a group of three with our daughter over her spring break on a weekday. Approaching its peaceful outlook, there's a spacious Japanese style room with a well curated garden, and with the spirit of the season resonating through the facilities in the room, it's a very peaceful resort with a pure Japanese style that is rare nowadays. The room staff were also well mannered their service was very polite, we were favourably impressed. What really shone through was the food! Being a historic cuisine resort, the table ware was great. The foods were gentle and were arranged beautifully. We were impressed by the attentiveness to even the littlest things such as the garnishing as well. We were also delighted by how they responded so pleasantly when we suddenly changed our order or ordered an additional dish. I feel sake-lovers will also be satisfied here as the place has quite a wide range of Japanese sake and wine as well. Even the breakfast and everything was quite high-grade and refined, it was quite satisfying. The bathrooms etc. were also attentively kept, and were clean and hygienic. I think there were around two groups of guests on that weekday. I wonder if that's why the AC was not in use for the bath in the evening, it got quite chilly, I had to find the switch myself to turn on the AC. I think the hotel must know round about when the customers mostly use it, so it'd be nice if they could let the bath house get warm before-hand. I really liked it there, I'd love to come again, and I'd also like to recomend it to my friends and family! + More
The interiors were really beautiful and had a posh feeling. The rooms that we were given were two Japanese style adjoining rooms that were really spacious, and were able to relax comfortably. The furnishings were also of impressive quality, it was quite a calm atmosphere. The garden viewed from the rooms was also beautiful, and coupled with the well-lit spacious interiors it gives you a nice sense of liberation. Meals are in-room and the experience really lives up to the feeling of enjoying food at a Ryōtei. The cuisine was so delicious, it was like none of the Japanese food I'd had so far. From the ingredients, the seasoning, to the bowls that the food was served in, everything was satisfying. Even the quantity wasn't too much or too less, it was just the right amount to make one satisfied. The Ōmi Roast Beef was also the best, so tasty. The communal bath isn't that big, but thanks to there also being an open-air bath one can relax and have a nice time bathing. The staff members were also very well mannered and polite, and it felt very secure being in their care with their hospitality towards all guests. At Yasui, where we stayed this time, everything feels posh, I reckon the place is exceptionally well suited for new year vacation trips. + More


Check-in Time
From 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Check-out Time
Until 11:00am
Tax / Service Charge
Credit cards accepted at this property
All children are welcome.
2,160 yen as a facility use fee is charged for children who are 0 years old to 4 year even if bedding is unnecessary.
Pets are NOT allowed.
Free of charge for guests; Available for 24 hours; Capacity 30 vehicles; No Valet Parking Service
Other policies & conditions
Nothing in particular

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