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With a breathtaking view of 220 degrees, guests can enjoy both sunrise and sunset. Away from the urban loudness, the fusion with nature, Japanese-Okinawan cuisine and architecture will welcome you.

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- VAT is included, but bathing tax (around JPY 150 per adult) may NOT be included.
- Price in USD is based on the exchange rate as of today and might be different from that of the booking date.


The best hospitality with Japanese dishes with local and seasonal dishes The dining room "Kanro"extends horizontally along the sea.
You will enjoy its relaxing space and view of the fertile sea which changes color and expression hour by hour.
The Japanese dishes also provide you with a sensitive delicacy and happiness when you taste them while feeling the dynamic flow of time. Chef de cuisine himself has a careful preference in selecting local ingredients and seasonal fresh food.
The local brands are "Ishigaki beef," "Agu pork" and the brand for traditional vegetable of Okinawa "Shimano greens".
You can enjoy the colorful Japanese Kaiseki cusine with its variety of local ingredients. Savor a special dish to remember.


6 hermitages with open air bath, HOUJOUAN If you climb up onto the rooftop after passing through the corridor along the beach, you will find it seems just like a village here. Against the mountain that could be looked through from the stone wall, there are 6 hermitages called “HOUJOUAN”. For each hermitage, an open-air bath facing the sea is established. The view from the bath, you can enjoy the flow of time produced by nature without anything obstructed. Please choose your favorite room and time to spend your favorite relaxation time.


The place where light and a shadow come across Corridor
When the deep blue colors everything in nature, the moon rises in the sky gently.
A comfortable wind carries the fragrance of the tide to the guidepost by the light of the garden lanterns turned on one by one as I walk the corridor. As for the wave shimmering on the way towards the moonlight, it invites you to a fantasy world...

■Esthetic salan & Spa [GARAN SPA SUITE]
You will feel the Ryukyu-spiritualism, and yet, you will be refreshed with the beauty treament from facial & body care to custom-tailoring at the salon spa Ryukyu. They will remove your fatigue and lead your skin to clearer color. Savor the ultimate relaxation where the inner beauty and vitality are awakened to./The spa introduces the Swiss Perfection

■A space titled the "Banyan tree" (1F)
Looking at the huge Banyan tree in front, you might feel like you are wrapped by it and secured somehow in the shadow of such a large tree. A comfortable breeze blows between the leaves of the banyan tree. And, at the other side of the tree, the sound of the waves continue resounding calmly.

■A room named "Lotus Flower" (3F) [GARAN Wedding]
To the Chinese chives cuttlefish Ney of far-off is a clean mysterious glistening to become the stage of the Ryukyu Creation myth between lotus flowers (3F, yearning distance. You can charter all the building and plan for a warm wedding together with your important people. A ceremony for a betrothal present and the photowedding are also recommended.

■A room named "Zen" (2F)
The open limitlessly quiet A Buddhist monastery space where tatami mats are spread across the entire surface of the room. You can enter the room barefoot and sit down, and, please spend time relaxing for a brief while.

■"The Cave"
The huge colonnade appears when you pass the cave basement entrance.
In clean stillness, "Ishibotoke"a stone buddha welcome you with a gentle and graceful smile.

An open nature-wrapped library, where you can enjoy reading and teatime.


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1299-1 Hyakuna Yamashitabaru, Tamagusuku-Aza, Nanjo City,Okinawa,901-0603,JAPAN
* Driving from Naha Airport: about 35minutes(Naha Airport - Tomigusuku East Road - Naha Airport Expressway (Free Section) - Getting off at Haebaru South IC - Prefecture Route 48 - Japan National Route 331 toward Nanjo City;
* Driving from Northern or Central Okinawa Main Island: Okinawa Expressway - Getting off at Haebaru North IC - Japan National Route 331 toward Nanjo City.;
There are many slopes and curves in the way close to our mansion. Please drive carefully


5 Reviews
4.72 /5
I stayed for two nights here during the last of the one-week Okinawa trip. I was refreshed, removing the fatigue of the long journey, in the sophisticated space for healing and enjoyed a splendid memorial day. Thank you for the such a memorable stay. The most impressive things above all were the view of the sea from the room (it was the first time for me to stay in a room with a bathroom on the immediate sea side and was very comfortable), a courtyard, a gallery, a hermitage full of the refreshment and splendid dinner. As for the meal, I appreciated the artistic dishes as well as porcelain and china, for example, the arrangement of sea foods on a particular and large unglazed plate, the beef fillet steak cooked on the porcelain and the fried bitter gourd of mignon were already on my list of what I want to have again on the next opportunity to visit. I went out during the stay to nowhere in particular and merely enjoyed the splendid space and service to the fullest. I have stayed in various places, but think that there is no place where you can readily enjoy splendid scenery and a space where I can eat and feel a quiet time of good quality with the large satisfaction, changing by time and angle as this so far. It was a rare place that I want to revisit. If only one thing can be daringly said to be a disappointing point, one of the two beds in the room got the chilling air directly from the air conditioner, and the other bed in the same room was hot, because of the layout. I look forward to enjoying the place on the next oppurtunity with the same good impression as this time. + More
The splendid scenery from the bathroom was impressive as well as the view from the open-air bath. However, I rather recommend taking a bath in the morning rather than in evening. Regarding meals, I was so spoiled by the staff who had to change the menu since I have many likes and dislikes about ingredients. It was worth much more than the tag price for me. I strongly recommend you stay at this hotel if you would like to try local cuisine in Okinawa! I I had you be anxious about the dinner if the staff was more various and was perfect when likes and dislikes changed it to much us in a hurry! I am worth being more than a price. I want to call sometime. Thank you very much, everyone!! + More
I really liked the open-air bath in which I could see the stars in the sky and shooting stars! The sound of the waves was so confortable. I enjoyed the quiet relaxing time in this splended hotel! Of course everything else was also perfect! You will miss an important experience if you do not go there. I will go again by all means. + More
It was the best of hotels in all aspects, including the clear cut and warm manner of the staff, meals, space of rooms and atmosphere. Particularly, the view from the outdoor bath was extremely relaxing! I was so satisfied. It was the first time that I experienced such a satisfactionary trip. To the entire staff, thank you so much for the wonderful time during the stay. I have a concern that I cannot again feel satisfied in other hotels. I am sure I will visit here again. + More
It was the second visit since last year. My wife is pregnant and will not be able to visit there next year or later, for a while. We could relax and enjoy it a lot. The potage called "Gee Ma Me"had not changed at all from the previous visit, with its excellent taste. But, I was surprised that smothering Manganji red pepper was in a dish as an ingredient . The dishes were splendid to see, to taste and also to know the new tricks of cuisine which shine to the eye more happily and beautifully. The meal on the consecutive second day's stay which the menu on the net did not have was a series of surprises. I am looking forward to going again, by all means, when my child grows up enough. + More


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