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The source of Kyoto, Rakuhoku Kibune, revered as the god of water from time immemorial.Torii Ugenta have served as the protector family of the Kifune shrine for ages. Nestled in the abundant nature and water of Kibune, in the founding year of the Kansei era (1789), Ugenta, Sagenta and Kogenta adopting the name of the place worked hard with devotion towards their duties.Sit back and enjoy the famous river-bed cuisine, enveloped in comforting breeze and greenery as you lend your ear to the pure flowing sounds of the Kibune river, source of the Kamo river.

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A guide to 'Kawadoko Ryōri', riverbed cuisine.
Kibune's own riverbed cuisine is available with the new green leaves from May 1st to the early autumn by September 30th. You can enjoy feasting on the famous 'Ayuno Shioyaki' and 'Amagono Tempura' amongst other dishes. Their cuisine is highly regarded amongst many customers and the fish served here does not have any smell since the place's river fish is kept fresh in Kibune's river water and is prepared alive.

Cuisine details:
With Hamo Shabu Kaiseki, Riverbed Kaiseki to start off, you can have a course meal with Ayuno-Shioyaki etc. There are many preparations to choose from.

Meal timings:
Lunch: 11:30, 14:00
Dinner: 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30

Winter-only 'Kifunabe'
Soft-shelled turtle soup with clear underground stream water from Kibune, rich in collagen, 'Kifunabe'. Guests staying here can enjoy the the Nabe for dinner.
(available only in the winters)


Both of the rooms are maisonette type as well as the indoor bathrooms, and on the second floor, there is an outdoor bath for you to relax in with the moments passing calmly.


The Tea Room Tea room on-site at Ugenta. The tea room at the resort was built in 1918 made in Shoin-zukuri, traditional style of Japanese residential architecture spanning eight-jō. Although the teaware of the hotel is mainly the one of Senkeryū style, it for customers of all schools of art-styles.


35.124303 135.763778

76, Kifune-cho, Kurama, Sakyo-ku,,Kyoto,601-1112,JAPAN
Approximately 45 minutes by car from Kyoto Station.
Approximately 20 minutes by car from the Kokusaikaikan station on the Karasuma subway line.
Approximately 60 minutes by car from the Meishin Expressway-Minami IC.

Get off at Kibuneguchi station, around 27 minutes from the Demachiyanagi Station on Eizan Electric Railway.

There is a free shuttle bus from the 'Kibuneguchi' station to 'Ugenta'.
Please inform the ryokan when you get on the Eizan train.


6 Reviews
4.84 /5
The Food: Both dinner and breakfast were satisfying. The Rooms: The Japanese-style room was a very neat and cosy space. The Baths: Both the outdoor bath and indoor bath were good. The Service: Very courteous towards guests, the staff in charge of meals were very nice. The only place for concern is the entrance. It is hard for elderly people to go up the stairs that are right at the entrance. There are places to take off your footwear as you go up the stairs, but especially winter you'd want a chair to sit on to take off boots etc. + More
The weather was a bit gloomy, but thanks to the efforts of the staff I was able to enjoy some great river-bed cuisine. The room is spacious and lovely, but there were some insects that came in at night (guess that can't be helped), also the stairs were kinda hard to climb. The yukata had a little smell to it, but the other amenities and furnitures were excellent and comfortable to use. Although the sense of distance that the staff maintained was nice, when passing other staff in the building it almost seems like they are avoiding any contact. I was grateful that they matched the pick up time to my arrival to pick me up. All in all, I had a memorable trip full of extraordinary experiences. I would like to come again. + More
I stayed with my partner for our marriage anniversary at the end of August. Fortunately, we were blessed with good weather. We enjoyed dinner and breakfast, both. The deliciousness of the dishes was above expectation. I have stayed at various inns with amazing food, but I think this certainly was in my best 3. Kaiseki was delicious in every item, especially the "eel nabe" and "ayu-rice" were excellent items. For breakfast, there were only two couples including us for the 'Kawadoko' river-bed cuisine. The room was comfortable, and the bath view was wonderful. It was nice of the room staff to take care of even the smallest things, and the correspondence of other staff was also very kind and polite. I was able to spend the time blissfully. Because it only has two rooms, it seems that reservation can be difficult to obtain, but I'd definitely want to stay again. + More
With a desire to taste kawadoko cuisine, I traveled to Kibune for the first time from Tokyo. Although it was hot in Kurama and Kibune, I felt that the river bed seating was like naturally cooled. The delicacies of the riverbed cuisine were also very satisfying. There were many delicious foods, and the presentation was great as well. Moreover, as the items are served fresh one item at a time, I guess it's a tough task for the service staff to keep up with. (It's hard to keep up if you aren't young. The one who was actually serving us was a young staff member.) I thought that the riverbed place was the only place that you can have hot dishes such as hot pot even in summer. The room was large, and there were many amenities. I was able to relax nicely. The pick-up service from the station and check-in also went smoothly. However, if I daresay, I think that a hand mirror with a stand might be nice to have in the room since it was a little difficult to do my make up. Also, the women yukata had a smell (the softening agent maybe?) which I didn't like so I did not use it. I was surprised to see that Kibune was crowded in midsummer. There were a lot of people and cars on narrow river roads during the day, so I'd recommend you don't come in your car. + More
This was my second stay here, in consecutive years. This time we stayed at a Japanese style room, it was a nice and a very calm room. I think the view is also exceptional during autumn with fall leaves. The hotel staff were also courteous, and the riverbed meal experience was also comfortable, the taste was good, the presentation was beautiful and it was really enjoyable. I'd like to come again and visit at a different time. + More
I was really satisfied. It was awesome to experience the kawadoko above the river. I really wanted to try it out once. Being monsoon, the rain kept falling on and off, so I was only concerned with the weather, but come meal time the rain stopped and I gained a valuable experience. The staff serving the food seemed to be doing a tough job, but I really appreciated the care and courtesy. We had breakfast on the kawadoko river-bed, and since it was only us guests in the morning, we had the whole river-bed experience to our couple, felt quite fancy with the service and the place exclusively to us. Then, when we were troubled thinking it was impossible to do a Kyoto city carry-bus at Kifune, the resort made special arrangements for us to get one. Thank you so, so much. The food was delicious, and the room's bathroom was comfortable. One concern is that the climb of the stairs rising to the second floor in the room is pretty steep. Thank you for also taking us to the fireflies viewing spot. I would like to stay again when the chance arises. + More


Check-in Time
From 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Check-out Time
Until 11:00am
Tax / Service Charge
Nothing in Particular.
Credit cards accepted at this property
Not available:
There are no special pricings for children.
Please note that the resort does not accept children under 13 years of age.
Pets are NOT allowed.
Free of charge for guests;Capacity 2 vehicles
Other policies & conditions
Nothing in Particular.

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