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Located on the Tango peninsula, Shorenkan Yoshinoya is an inn full of nostalgia. A place where you can enjoy beautiful countryside scenery, the taste of the fishermen's town resonating with the essence of Japan.Here the sea and the sky melt into an azure gradient meeting at the horizon spreading all around you with a white lighthouse overlooking the majestic Sea of Japan. This magnificent view of Tango Matsushima invites the hearts of all visitors.Take a swim in the ocean in the summers and enjoy Taiza crab in the winters, away from the bustling Tango town, throughout the four seasons at "Taiza hot-spring village". Let yourself relax at the hot spring which gently heals the tiredness of travelling.

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- VAT is included, but bathing tax (around JPY 150 per adult) may NOT be included.
- Price in USD is based on the exchange rate as of today and might be different from that of the booking date.


Enjoy the elusive 'Taiza crab' to your heart's content… The Taiza crab is the finest brand of Snow crabs. Amongst all the famous produce of the snow crabs off of the coast of the Tango peninsula, the "Taiza crab" is regarded as the highest grade. The Yoshinoya is the original resort of Tango serving a crab-full-course. In order to deliciously serve the tastiest delicacies, the resort carefully uses carefully selected ingredients of Tango like fresh fish, meat, rice, vegetables as well as snow crabs. The resort is particular about serving all dishes as fresh as can be.

The Taiza Crab
"Brand ingredients" picked with great attention to quality. The king of the winter sea, Matsuba snow crab has its own varieties amongst which the Taiza crab is renowned as the highest grade brand. Only found in the sea at Tango blessed with its climate and natural features.

From the fishermen to the brokers to the chef... The "Taiza crab" experience is made possible by the efforts of various dedicated professionals. The fishermen head out riding in a small fishing boat off the cape of Kyōga into the open sea towards the fishing spot of the Taiza crab. The distance of two to three hours to the blessed fishing spot makes for a traditional wholesome day of fishing. Then the brokers carefully examine the catch for the best body dimensions, size and weight. Only the best crabs that pass all the quality checks are branded as "Taiza crabs" and thus head to the chef at the local resort... "Taiza crab" the first choice of many men tailored to a great eating experience in the skillfully prepared "Kani" full course at Yoshinoya.


The Japanese 'Ofuro', that arouses a fantasy like atmosphere. A splendidly designed bath created by sculptor Alexander Wiles from Iwami Ginzan, Shimane prefecture, born in New Orleans, USA. Also being a jazz guitarist, his art shines through his work. Please experience this expression of olden Japan envisioned by an American.

Vidro no Yu
This is a bath that overlooks the Sea of Japan. How about enjoying this bath as you gaze out to the Sea of Japan in gentle sea breeze? Fully enjoy the view of the Sea of Japan as it shows you the different facets of the four seasons with fishing boats with flickering fire lights in the summer and a snowy scenery in the winter.
The open-air bath boasts stained glass decorations accompanied by hot water making for a nostalgic atmosphere. Each stained glass work portrays a different expression in this charming bath.

Danranno Yu (Bath for reservation)
The entrance to the Danranno-Yu boasts a glamorously designed door with stained glass. You find a wide and relaxed private space there. Please spend a relaxing and luxurious time by talking with your family and loved ones. Guests who would like to use the separate (family bath) "Danranno-Yu" bath are requested to please contact the hotel.


Relax in the retro-modern interiors fragrant with the air of the Shōwa era. Located on a highland overlooking the Japanese Sea. Retro-modern interiors resonating with the spirit of the Shōwa era. Soothing interiors with everything having a pleasant nostalgic feeling...

Cafe Terrace
With the company of great music and tasteful conversation, enjoy your time in this classic space. Featuring a bright and spacious entrance and lobby and a new sun deck lounge. With calming interiors combined with a relaxing atmosphere enjoy delicious coffee or tea at Yoshinoya's pride.

The Shop
A shopping experience that offers products based on Venetian glass works. Be sure to check out the whole souvenir range.

Fulfilling the wishes of everyone, this restaurant is the pride of Yoshinoya. A private space intelligently partitioned using stylish Japanese style elevated podiums. It is the main dining space of the hotel where at any one time 50 guests can enjoy their meals luxuriously. Be carefree and enjoy char grilled fresh seafood, crab dishes etc all you want.
(There are also private dining rooms. 8 rooms, for 2 to 8 people.)


35.735505 135.094285

1297-3, Taiza, Tango cho, Kyotango city,,Kyoto,627-0201,JAPAN
Accessing by train:
About 20 minutes from Kyoto-Tango Railway "Amino station". Free pick up available (reservation required).


5 Reviews
4.38 /5
I was satisfied very much in both aspects such as culinary delicacies, dishes and bathing as well. I would like come again. + More
Satisfaction is 4.5! The rooms are simple, but you can overlook the townscape while staying in a movie scene-like nostalgia. I thought "I do not want it for a moment" because there is a wire, but the birds stopped on the wire and heard a cry and was really healed. There was also pajamas and I was able to relax, but thought that I wanted cold water to be prepared in the bath or in the room if I could. I had a particularly bad bath so I was thirsty. (I have to drink 200 yen of water in the refrigerator, I do not have a high price, but I want a little more service) A special mention is a sashimi assortment! It was wonderful! I think that crabs are famous, but I also want to go back to that fish sashimi at times other than crabs. I asked for frozen potatoes, but it was still dry and failed. Season is important. I enjoyed bathing in personality as well. We were the only guests who stayed at the hotel, so we enjoyed ourselves by renting out, but I think that the bath is narrow when the crabs are crowded. If you have an internet connection it's hard to say. + More
The atmosphere of the bath was good. I'd like to ask again at a good season.
duddy otto
Especially meals (evening, breakfast) and bath were amazing. Bathroom was of two types for men and women, both of them were very good at relaxing. Although it was supposed to be Shouwa styled bath, I certainly felt that the atmosphere of the bath was more like the Taisho era. All the staff who took care of me are very kind and I definitely want to go again. + More
I stayed overnight. The interior is a retro atmosphere with antique furniture decorated everywhere. The meal is very delicious and the amount was generous. The correspondence of the hotel employees was also wonderful. The bath building had the atmosphere of Asia, like an early Showa era building! It was very good. It is also one of the hotels I definitely want to visit in winter. One suggestion though, I'd be happy if pets can also stay here together. + More


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From 2:00pm to 6:00pm
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Until 11:00am
Tax / Service Charge
Bathing Tax JPY 150 per adult is NOT included in the rates.
Credit cards accepted at this property
Children are welcome.
Pets are NOT allowed.
Free of charge for guests;Capacity 20 vehicles
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