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The Ryokan(Japanese traditional Inn) with rich hotspring water from private source right in front of the entrance and peaceful ambiance fostered through a history and traditional service of "Omotenashi".Kaiseki cuisine (full course dinner) carefully prepared with the fresh seasonal local ingredients is one of the main features of your holiday experience.

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- VAT is included, but bathing tax (around JPY 150 per adult) may NOT be included.
- Price in USD is based on the exchange rate as of today and might be different from that of the booking date.


The banquet dish For to be able to feel a season, finish one dish of one dish to serving it a hue colorfully. A chef of cuisine himself goes to the market and stocks up the only material selected which ascertained with a reliable eye. In a blessing of Hokkaido, a chef of cuisine adds his work to our meals.


The large communal bath A large communal bath "hot water lunar" for men is comfortable, the stone bath of the granite that you might feel the luxurious.
The hinoki bath where "hot water floral" smell spreads and gentle that a large communal bath for women.

The open-air bath
It is located in a very good location, which the free-flowing hot spring bathhouse of the self source to overlook the sea and the sky.
Superb view of the ocean opening without a thing to block, that’s feeling freedom is plentiful in the open-air bath of Wakamatsu.
Magnificent nature wraps us kindly, while soaking yourself in the quantity of water-rich self source, when to look at the Tsugaru straits showing various expressions seasonally.


The courtyard “Light garden” The history and the high formality of the main building of Wakamatsu establishment more than 90 years. That is opening-like made to use fully natural hinoki. There is the big window which sunlight inserts. The simple design furniture harmonizes with calm and modishness. The sukiya (Japanese Tea Ceremony) style of the coziness is excellent.

The executive room is very used for various conferences. For the banquets and various meetings, we have two Japanese-style halls.
Also, in the new wing, there are two halls, the grand hall in 80 mats and in 32 mats of the medium hall.


41.774358 140.785071

1-2-27, Yunokawa cho, Hakodate city,Hokkaido,042-0932,JAPAN
If you are coming from Hakodate Airport, we are only a 7 mins taxi ride away.
By Train:
If you are travelling from JR Hakodate Station, you may take the local street car for 30 mins to Yunogawa Onsen Station.
We are only a 5 mins walk away from there.
You may also take a taxi which is around a 13 mins ride from JR Hakodate station.


6 Reviews
4.56 /5
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I stayed there the day before when a typhoon hit Hokkaido directly. I was able to spend my time comfortably. I drank liquor well with dish deliciously that the quantity was just right. I was speed eating, but a reception of a waitress was splendid moderately in a timing of the serve. Unfortunatly I was not able to walk the town of the river, I want to visit it again if there is an opportunity. + More
Because I selected dinner as Spanish food in Hakodate-city this time, I chose a course only for this American breakfast. I moved to Hakodate in JR line from Obihiro, but was the wet weather that a typhoon approached Tohoku, Hokkaido, and it was likely to rain in Hakodate. Because I checked in at past 15:00, the hot spring was the first to come, but the family bath was low temperature about 40 degrees. In the outdoor bath facing the sea was able to enjoy the rough sea, but it was still early, it was lukewarm. It was about 21:00 that I went out and came back in strong rain, and, as for the open-air bath, it became temperature of comfortable hot water of 42-43 degrees. In the private room which was desolate on the next morning with an ocean view, wonderful omelette and bacon, and milk for drink. I enjoyed american breakfast of the standard mark. And after asking for takeout because I left appetizing bread, it was splendid service to have wrapped it politely and handed me it. About the hot spring, the bath for women get many points by comment of my wife that reach a lot of visitors, she was not able to take it easy, but, us are satisfied with the quality of the hot spring. If there is an opportunity to come again in the future, I want to taste a cuisine of one star in the Michelin. + More
Shonan Oyaji
I spent it in parent and child. The hot spring Tsugaru Strait before eyes, I saw fire on a boat to lure fish at night that it was splendid. All of the dish was fresh, we were able to eat deliciously, and apreciate the fine cousine The front desk kept good, and I felt your service was perfect. At the time of the departure, a landlady saw us off, a trip of the great satisfaction. + More
I am satisfied very much! The hall; the spacious lobby was clean, and the floor was very shiny, too. At first, the green that it got into eyes was very wonderful. A guest room; cleaning up the each corner of the room, and the flowers of the room were changed every day, too. Hot spring; in the morning, while soaking in open-air hot spring bath, to gaze absently at the Tsugaru Strait, Aomori, was the maximum! A meal; a plan was only for breakfast; but are so generous that seems like a dinner every day. I became sad because finally because i dind't eat all the food very well. Customer service; the waitress answer to ask anything immediately, and her care to various things is great. The disposal of the garbage; there werw a large basket for garbage and everything vas tidy up. I was able to spend it thanks to the various attention really comfortable. + More
With the fire for luring fish at night, the wind and the sound of the sea roar were comfortable when I opened a window. The dish was really good, I give six stars in the Michelin. Of course, though one article of one article was delicious, but rice was outstandingly delicious. And I want to give seven stars in the Michellin to waitress, who carrying just at just right time one by one dish. Thank you from the heart for all your help. + More
Because I knew that the hotel was first-rate in Hakodate , I came. Also the airport is near and easy to reach. The luxury hotel that is in front of the sea. The splendid breakfast in a plate. I was very satisfied with hospitality. + More


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Bathing Tax JPY 150 per adult is NOT included in the rates.
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All children are welcome.
Children between the ages of 0-3 years are allowed to share bedding with you.
Pets are NOT allowed.
Free of charge for guests;Capacity 30 vehicles
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