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Deep in the mountainous hinterlands of Gifu lies Okuhida. "Specialties... this place might not have any fancy materials, but it has a wealth of things that one cannot find in cities." Things not found in cities; things that the people who live in cities have certainly forgotten about, or just never noticed in their routine lives. It's as though such special things truly shine through in the day to day life here at Okuhida. It's not by the calendar, it's the routine life here harmonizes with the change of the seasons in a way that is palpable. It's the flowing wind, the mountains that change their colours, the birds that fly in the sky or the chirping of the insects, or the flowers that bloom on the wayside that inform you of the four seasons. 'Yumoto Chouza', an onsen resort that is cozily nestled in this rich nature of Okuhida. A place to discover the timeless, in an era of constant evolution. It's these 'unique aspects of life' that will gently and calmly imbue into your lifestyle as you spend your time staying here.

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The feel of Okuhida. Meet an unforgettable taste. Fukuji Onsen, a place that is located in the mountains, is naturally blessed with the food of the mountains. Here, the chefs themselves venture into the mountains, tend the fields, and harvest its bounties. Moreover, the land comes under the whole of Awa and Chikuma-ken, being at the centre of the northern Alps, its frigid areas are home to some of the tastiest vegetables. Even the landlord grows vegetables being 'committed' to local produce himself. Be sure to try the Okuhida 'gottsu', crafted by the chefs who know the produce of this mountain country like the back of their hand. The dishes served will change throughout the different seasons and weather. The place strives to provide utmost satisfaction, regardless of the season. Be sure to enjoy the offerings of Okuhida.


Calmly and gently, the four seasons flow. At the resort, it is believed that it is important to appreciate the grace of this great nature, the source of the spring. The place strives to dearly uphold and continue the original culture of hot-springs, though entering the onsen.

Kawarano Yu
Going outside from the resort in a yukata and geta-sandals once can take a gentle walk down the narrow trail to the Hirayugawa river in a couple of minutes. Directly facing the Hirayugawa, as it flows naturally, is the bath with 100% spring sourced water. A bath that introduces you to the original onsen aspects of 'abundance', 'warmth' and 'healing'.

A must for those who want to experience a real onsen.
It's not an exaggeration to say that one does not know the onsens here has not truly experienced onsens. The 'Kawarano Yu' is the onsen that Chouza prides upon. The most popular amongst the three onsens at the resort, it offers an unforgettable onsen experience. You are sure to fondly reminisce "that onsen was truly wonderful..." even after your trip has long ended. Admiring the colours of the mountains that reflect upon the four seasons you can 'feel the changing seasons with your own skin' in a moment where you forget about your daily life.

Private open-air bath for reservation
There are three baths available for reservation at the hotel. Through the corridor in the greenery across the pond, is where you will find the private baths. Indulge in the luxury of your own private bath with hinoki bath tubs and open-air stone baths.


Soukyoudai: The Beer Terrace.
From 13:00 till 18:00. Closed in the winters.
Serving beer, coffee and juice. Enjoy a relaxing time as you gaze out the scenic view of the mountains right before your eyes.

Irori hearth
Quietly telling a story of over a 120 years. Healing your heart with the gentle sounds and the warmth of the fire. Here you can enjoy a special time in which you can forget about your routine life.


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783 Fukuji Onsenkyo Okuhida Takayama,Gifu,506-1434,JAPAN
When arriving by road:
From Tokyo:
· Chūō · Nagano-jidōsha to Matsumoto I.C. to R158 (Awa tunnel) to Hirayuonsen to Fukujionsen.
From Osaka, Nagoya:
· Meishin Expressway to Ichinomiya-JCT to Tōkai-Hokuriku Expressway to Hida-Kiyomi IC to Takayama City to R158 to Hirayuonsen to Fukujionsen.

When arriving by public transport:
From Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya:
· Tōkaidō Shinkansen to Nagoya to "Takayama Main Line" to Takayama to "Densei Bus" to Fukujionsen.


8 Reviews
4.41 /5
I was able to relax nicely again this year. Just that the peaches for dessert weren't ripe, they were kinda hard and tasted like cucumber. They should probably not stick to just serving them as is, and rather make some jelly or sherbet using them. + More
Aug 2017
This place is amazing no matter how many times I revisit!
I stayed here with my family for one night. The slope leading to the entrance really is quite magnificent, just like it said. Our rooms were on the annex's 2nd floor. They have irori, and also chairs in the veranda. The amenities are also quite many. I wish we could have used the Wi-Fi though. Even though the resort had no more vacancies with all rooms occupied, we were still able to enjoy the great bath and the Kawahara bath without bumping into many other guests. Relaxing in the nice open-air bath and enjoying the views, I really felt that we should come here again in the winters. We enjoyed our meals by the irori-hearth, being mountain style food. Even the base dashi was so good that my daughter, who normally doesn't enjoy it, pretty much finished all of it. It was very tasty. For alcohol, Hida's local sake is quite easy to drink, and we enjoyed it a lot. It was so much fun that it was a bit of a downer that we were just staying for one night only. We were talking as a family that next time we should revisit during the winter if possible, in autumn. Thank you so much. + More
We stayed here with my sister and her husband, my brother and my wife as the five of us. Although it was the third time for me, it was my brother's first time here and you could feel the excitement right from the parking lot. We stayed at the 'Yamano Ie' together as five, and the whole place was very comfortable and satisfying. The baths, the food, the service, we were satisfied with all the aspects of the place. At dinnertime, the landlord himself came to greet us and also informed us about the morning market, which we went to the next morning. Rather than a morning market, the place felt like a shady souvenir shop, everywhere inside the shop you could find records and like bone-ware from our generation? It was fun checking out the souvenir place, and we also tried some food, it was quite a fun place. On the way back as we walked the quiet winding path back to the resort, it was quite a nice meaningful time. So we got back to 'Chouza' as quick as we could so that we could enjoy more of its baths and the surroundings at this wonderful resort. My siblings said so many times that they'd love to come here again. To everyone at 'Chouza', thank you so much for strengthening our bond as siblings even further. + More
I stayed here with my parents. It was a revisit for me. I'd come here about 10 years ago, and the baths here were great as always with amazing spring water. We also enjoyed the food that was delicious as it had an emphasis on the mountainous produce. We stayed for 2 nights, we had Hida-beef steak on the first day? and the second day we had sukiyaki and everything on the menu was new to which my parents were quite delighted. Also, being able to use the family chartered bath easily and relaxingly, they were quite happy. It was a bit odd that the place still had so many step-ups/step-downs considering that it was remodelled from an old home. But I'm glad that I was able to have my parents enjoy Fukujionsen in good health. Thank you very much. + More
When I told my friend that we were going to Fukujionsen, they asked if we were gonna stay at Chouza. It's such a famous resort that we were all super excited. After getting our car to the parking lot, since the resort entrance is not visible from the parking lot we were surprised to have a staff member guide us to the resort. It's really a great resort. Still, there were a few things they could improve on: 1) Apparently, they had welcome drinks at the end of the lobby, which I didn't notice. My friends said that we'd drink it later, but we forgot, so we thought we'll have some in the morning but there weren't anymore. It'd be nice if we could have been told at check-in. 2) There were three chartered baths, but being an onsen lover, I was a bit let down that the only difference in the baths was the type of wood or stones used. 3) The path way to the baths was long and I'm not sure maybe it's cuz it was past 10 pm that the lights were out. So it was honestly a bit scary to not know where you're stepping. 4) In the evening, the yuzu at the entrance was also quite tasty, I think if those were also from some customer s who didn't know about it. I'd like everybody to be informed about the services at check-in. + More
There was only one key for the room. Because of that, if you're in a separate (male/female) bath from your partner then you might have to wait in the cold if you leave the bath early since you will have to wait for your partner. That shouldn't be much of a problem in the summer, but it's a bit harsh in the middle of winters. In case there are men and women guests staying together, then the resort must give two keys. The open-air bath was magnificent with a nice atmosphere. The water was a bit low temperature, which was unfortunate. Early morning our car (2WD) slipped from the parking lot and got stuck due to snow, but the resort arranged to get it towed out using a 4WD. We really appreciated it. Thank you once again. + More
Hotel Yasui
My friend wanted to go to a snow viewing onsen, so we stayed here for 2 days and one night. Being just the right time for snow, we were surprised by how much it actually snowed. It was great that we got to experience a snow viewing onsen that we were looking forward to. At Chouza we tried out their open-air bath, family bath and the great bath house, all three of which had a very feeling, and the water was also at a cozy temperature. The meals for dinner and for breakfast were very delicious as we had them by the irori hearth, very satisfying. Even my friend said that they wanna recommend Chouza to their friends. I'm looking forward to the next time we're here again. Thank you. + More


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From 3:00pm to 6:00pm
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Bathing tax (150 yen per adult) is not included.
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Children who are 0 to 2 years old can stay for free. Please let us know if you need any assitace for bedding and dining.
Pets are NOT allowed.
Free of charge for the guest/Parking space for 40 cars *Large vehicles like bus is also available.
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