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Standing with poise The gate resembles the sheltering wings of a crane. A bird rests its wings, a person rests their mind.With camellia as its father and the forget-me-not as its mother, whispering water, gazing stones and fragrant nameless flowers, it's an atmosphere that isn't exhibited, only gently experienced. There's something about Yakakutei, the resort of refined taste, that brings about a feeling of charm and nostalgia.

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- VAT is included, but bathing tax (around JPY 150 per adult) may NOT be included.
- Price in USD is based on the exchange rate as of today and might be different from that of the booking date.


Authentic Kaiseki Cuisine
Prepared using ingredients from the four seasons, you can enjoy delicious kaiseki cuisine in your room. With authentic kaiseki and signature shochu of Kagoshima, experience a time that is sure to create fond memories.
The spring cuisine conjures feelings of 'newness' and 'geniture'. Surviving the harsh cold of the winter, the cuisine features a variety of fresh budding food ingredients. The joy within every ingredient flowing with life force is presented to you in the best way.

The summer cuisine conjures feelings of 'youth' and 'liveliness'. The sun provides immense energy to the earth, the sea, and the rivers. You can relish that very energy via the food ingredients that absorb it.
The autumn cuisine conjures feelings of 'maturedness' and 'colourfulness'. Rich in taste thanks to the foodstuffs themselves mature along with the nature that they are bred in. True to the saying of an autumn of appetite, the quality of the ingredients is exceptionally good.
The winter cuisine conjures feelings of 'perfection' and 'celebration'. The season that brings cold weather highlights the new year's occasion. It's the season that best compliments the entirety of the celebration.

The Choicest Breakfast
The breakfast is the final jewel that decorates the journey of a traveler's trip to a resort. Served here is a breakfast that is made with a dedication in the heart to rejuvenate your best memories. Please enjoy it slowly with the company of birdsong.

The restaurant also serves as the breakfast spot. Enjoy the wonderful scenery visible from Sansen.


At a bath of healing that blends the past with the future, the hot springs that gush forth bring with them the thoughts of those who came before us. The 'Yakaku no Yu' soothes and gently heals away the weariness of the journey for all guests, it's the pride of Yakakutei. Please enjoy it to your heart's content. The place also features an 'ashiyu' (feet onsen) to ease away the weariness of travel.

Loved by Saigo Takamori, Hinatayama Onsen has many legends to tell.
Legend has it that Hiruko no Mikoto, who could not walk, was sent here by the gods Izanagi and Izanami to be healed. Long prosperous as the social center of Kagoshima, the hot spring has many old-fashioned public bathhouses, and the spring water’s gentleness on skin is popular among locals.


You will be guided to a whole new world from gates of Yakaku that welcome all its guests.

Inner Garden
It is a space where you can feel the spirit of each of the four seasons. Feel the freshness of the greenery seen right from the ground up, as you walk along the hallway.

Lounge Sarotei
The lounge is located directly opposite the reception. Drinks include the choicest coffees and teas, accompanied by magazines etc. at the lounge.

Gallery Chinchin Gift Shop
It is a space that brings to you the charm of Kagoshima. Here you can find a collection of superb products of Kagoshima and many original items.

Esthe - Massage
Esthetic Services: Available
60 minutes 8,640 Yen onwards


31.768377 130.756361

1-8 Togou Hayato-machi Kirishima,Kagoshima,899-5115,JAPAN
By train
Kagoshima Central - Hayato → about 40 minutes

By airplane
From Tokyo → About 1 hour 40 minutes
From Nagoya → About 1 hour 20 minutes
From Osaka → About 1 hour 5 minutes
From Fukuoka → About 40 minutes (About 15 minutes from Kagoshima Airport to Notsurtei)

In case of coming by Shinkansen
Hakata - Kagoshima Central → about 1 hour 17 minutes
Kumamoto - Kagoshima Central → about 1 hour 10 minutes
Miyazaki - Hayato → about 1 hour 5 minutes
7 minutes by car from Hayato Station


4 Reviews
4.24 /5
I stayed over during a business trip. From the staff that came over for my pick-up to everyone on-site, their correspondence was very polite. The meals were also delicious and rich in colours, and were also ample in volume. I was very satisfied. The baths were also very spacious and clean. The room and the shared bathhouse were also rich in amenities, it's just wonderful for women guests. I was also able to fully enjoy the room's open-air bath without worrying about time. The garden was also very gently curated and was very beautiful to gaze at; you can forget about the hustle and bustle of city life in the peacefulness here. It was a pleasant break from my working schedule. The best part was the atmosphere there, made to be calm inducing. Next time I'd love to come here on my own and spend some leisurely time. + More
My mother had last stayed at a resort about 20 years ago for a reunion, so this time I brought her to celebrate her 80th birthday anniversary. Since my mother was tired since the previous day, the resort accepted our request to arrange for her bath right away. While waiting in the lounge for a bit, it could have gotten a little noisy because of the cleaning service, so they let us in the room which was helpful. The shared bathhouse was maintained very cleanly thanks to the cleaning staff who were very particular about their job, and we enjoyed the bath nicely. The staff there comprises of many young people, but that's not a problem as we could feel their dedication. So when we were eating we ordered some kurojoka which was listed as one of the shochu, you could hear everything during confirmation. As it turned out, the kurojoka we got was ordinary shochu with hot water from the pot (from the resort's perspective it might be cost efficient but ... that's just diluting it with hot water). When you go on a journey, you expect to enjoy the foods and alcohols that are unique to that very place, and especially for a resort of this class, I'd expect the service to have been proper. Apart from that, there had been reviews from other customers that there was no greeting or farewell from the landlady's /proprietress', I guess, side, which was something that we also noticed. Since the staff is mostly young, this would be a necessary variation. Which in turn weaves into the concept of hospitality towards guests. + More
It was our first time to Kirishima Onsen. Our hearts were warmed with the nice welcome that we got and the scent of tea as soon as we got there. The rooms were also spacious and clean, and thanks to the open-air bath with 24-hour spring pumped water we got to have a real 'bijin no yu' beautifying onsen experience. The in-room dinner and the breakfast enjoyed while viewing the garden had a nice seasonal feeling, and we enjoyed our food deliciously. They also had a nice variety of original sweet potato shochu there. This time we weren't blessed by the weather gods, so next time we'd like to plan ahead and come re-visit. + More
Keikomai san
As I was staying at a more affordable room this time, I could inevitably feel the old feeling of the place, but still, the cleanliness of the place was top-notch which I can comprehend. Apart from that, just as I entered I was eased and healed by the beauty of the inner garden and the polite correspondence of the staff. Having cold tea while admiring the carefully tended garden was just blissful. The onsen is old, but it has a very profound feeling and has plenty of trees. And the open-air bath is also very cosy. My daughter and I relaxingly bathed for an hour and a half and had a nice chat (coincidently nobody else entered during that time). And thanks to the hot water, our skin became nice and soft. We also enjoyed our meals deliciously, and we could tell that only the best ingredients and seasonings were chosen to be used. Just that breakfast was in a different room than the dinner, and it felt a bit cramped there. Those who opted for a larger room must not have felt any such feelings. It's a bit unfortunate that there wasn't any see-off in the morning. It was such a good ryokan experience, but I guess in the end I did find a little minus point. I can understand how it's so busy but, when you receive such great service all the while if they greet you when you are about to leave then that stays with you I feel. I've rambled on a bit here, but, to have stayed at such an amazing resort for such a reasonable price, had this been located on the Kansai side I feel the price would simply have to be much higher. It felt great money-for-value wise. Thanks to them we had a very enjoyable Kagoshima experience. + More


Check-in Time
From 4:00pm to 6:30pm
Check-out Time
Until 10:00am
Tax / Service Charge
Bathing tax 150 yen is not included.
Credit cards accepted at this property
Children who are 3 to 6 years old will be charged 50% of adult fee.
Pets are NOT allowed.
Free of charge for the guest/Parking space 100 cars/No Valet service
Other policies & conditions
Nothing in particular

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