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The Herring Palace restaurant inn, named Ginrinso, literally meaning Silver Scale cottage,is a representative of fishery architecture as it once was built for the fisherman leaders compound in Yoichi where a prosperous fishery village was, with herring fishing at the head of Shakotan peninsula. In the backyard that looks down on the the Sea of Japan, there is an open-air bath with the name, Hiraiso hot spring, set in a cave which was full of elegance.

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Treasure house of meals: Otaru The north ground which is rich in nature with the great sea and fertile soil bringing up tasty vegetables. Including the fresh fish products, the chef of the cuisine himself chooses the ingredients.
Included in its charm, it is only in Otaru that a crab, an abalone, a scallop can have a taste of the season, every season. Many dishes arranged heartily by the chef who was cut out for the world of cuisine. We promise an amusement of rich food where you will forget time, and concentrate on eating with such a great relish.


Abundant hot water springs are from the depths of the earth, 1,300 m deep. The outdoor bath whose source is on site is one of the attractions of "restaurant inn Ginrinso". It was sodium-chloride, a sulfate having sprung out by the drilling for hot springs in 1986. The cave type bath is spread with marble and the bath set in the cave has a wild atmosphere and is arranged with the well known stones of Hokkaido. A view of Ishikari Gulf spreads out under your gaze. It entertains guests, morning and evening, with the various changing expression, pleasing to the eyes of the visitor. It is an outdoor bath, blessed with the northern sky, the sea, the magnificent nature and view of the mountains.


Surpassing time — History of the North Sea The opening of the restaurant inn, Ginrinso, still standing on the hill (60 m above sea level) of the Hiraiso cape overlooking Hokkaido, Otaru and the Gulf of Ishikari, dates back to 1873. The bosses of fishermen of each village, who boasted of the prosperity in the early days of the Showa era following the Edo era, when the West Coast of Hokkaido showed a great turnout and gathered the best carpenters for buildings then. And it is said that they also constructed personal residences.
These residences were called "herring palaces" symbolizing the prosperity of Hokkaido then.
The "Restaurant inn Ginrinso" inherited this history, lasting for more than 130 years as a herring palace proud of the magnificent and elegant figure that the great fishermen's boss, Yasunojo Inomata, constructed in Yoichi village.
It was moved and rebuilt on the current ground and, in 1938, operated as an inn. A restaurant inn of the Hiraiso hot-bath resort, it takes sinter from the last part of the Edo era. As one of the still existing herring palaces Hokkaido has appointed it one of its 100 cultural assets. It has an open-air bath set in a cave, looking down at the magnificent Sea of Japan, that continues to show the quiet ticking of time.


43.180716 141.035067

1-1, Sakura, Otaru,Hokkaido,047-0156,JAPAN
By Train:
From Chitose Airport to Otaru Chikkou Station, about 70 min.
From Sapporo Station to Otaru Chikkou Station, about 30 min.

By Taxi:
From Otaru Station, about 10 min.
From Otaru Chikkou Station, about 6 min.


6 Reviews
4.5 /5
We stayed there during our first trip to Hokkaido. Both my daughter and I who loved the hot spring, were moved by the fact that our skin became smooth and soft from the hot spring. Not only that, but the scenery, including the view of the sea, was excellent. We relaxed and enjoyed the sulphate spring. At dinner time, we were sitting in seats where we could have a wide sunset view, and the delicious food with 23 dishes from appetizer to dessert, all of which were so tasty that we appreciated them with so much joy. The staff who attended us were all very amicable and served us expertly. We spent a very happy and comfortable time there. Dinner and breakfast were so delicious and we were so full that we could not eat lunch that day. Thank you. + More
It was a trip to Sapporo and Otaru area that featured a take-it-easy, relaxing theme. Since Ginrinso just fitted our expectations, we enjoyed a quiet and relaxing stay. Our room also had a spacious bath which we quite appreciated. It was handy that an abundance of bath towels were there!! Although the water temperature was hotter than our preference, food was of the right quantity and delicious, which were very good. The staff attending to our room were kind. We would like to return if there is an opportunity. + More
My family stayed here. We enjoyed a good view from our room. Seeing Otaru city we felt comfortable. The historical explanations about the inn itself and the old furniture were also appreciated, particularly we enjoyed the explanations by the staff. Food was excellent and we could enjoy Otaru while staying there. One regret was the hot spring. The temperature of the outdoor bath was low and I was concerned about it’s temperature in the coming winter season. However, our overall evaluation was very much satisfactory. + More
The scenery from the window where the sea spread out under our gaze was the best, and the scene of the morning sun rising was very pure.
The meals were very delicious and very satisfactory. Particularity the “Otsukuri,” the raw fish arrangement, was so good that we understand why Otaru people are proud of them, the sea urchin was sweetest of all, and the tuna was particularly fresh having been harvested in Oma in Aomori prefecture. The ceramic plate grilled abalone was soft, and its liver was delicious.
The outdoor bath was large and relaxing while viewing the sea. But isn’t the dressing room slightly small?
While viewing the sea after breakfast, I could drink coffee in a separate room, and it was very much good that I could be take a break.
The service was kind and attentive to guests, therefore I could spend the holiday pleasantly. + More
The Inn is located in a very good place surrounded by an excellent environment having a good scenic view of the sea from the large bathing rooms and guest rooms. Dishes were carefully made one by one, and had a good appearance as well as excellent taste. The guest room was spacious, water temperature was appropriate at the in-room bath and the large communal bath. We could stay comfortably. We enjoyed a nice anniversary. Again thank you for the nice hospitality. + More
The inn was a place where I long wanted to stay. I enjoyed the Otaru night, and took a taxi to come to Otaru. Upon arriving in the guest room, I was moved by the exceptionally good view, and touched by the spacious bathing room. The outdoor bath was closed and the communal bath was relatively small, but the guest room bath was big enough. The quantity of food at dinner was appropriate and delicious. I liked the Kamakura herring grill particularly. The hotel sent me back to Otarucikko Station by car the next morning and the driver was very kind. I am looking forward to staying there again. + More


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From 3:00pm to 6:00pm
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Until 11:00am
Tax / Service Charge
Bathing Tax JPY 150 per adult is NOT included in the rates.
Credit cards accepted at this property
Up to 12 years old children can stay by special rates, please ask us at the time of making your reservation.
Pets are NOT allowed.
Free of charge for guests;Capacity 30 vehicles;Valet Parking Service Available (free of charge for guests)
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