Shaga-no-Sato Yumeya

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There are abundant natures, sea, mountains, paddy field in IWAMURO-onsen.Guests can stay here indulging guests with calm time and abundant nature.

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- VAT is included, but bathing tax (around JPY 150 per adult) may NOT be included.
- Price in USD is based on the exchange rate as of today and might be different from that of the booking date.


We select carefully and mix the ingredients of mountains and seas for a great offer and great deal of effort, and to be able to enjoy your meal every season.
- Please inform us if there are any ingredients that you cannot eat beforehand.
- One by one could be chosen the quantity of the dinner.
- The egg dish of the breakfast can be chosen from six kinds.

For breakfast you can choose Japanese food or Western food. The egg dish of the breakfast could be chosen from six kinds.
Japanese style breakfast
To hot dish was very warm, to bake the fish salted and dried by a charcoal fire after the guests take their seat.
・The egg dish can be chosen from a fried egg, a hot-spring egg, a bowl steaming, an omelette, and a scramble.
※The menu of the meal varies by seasons. Restaurant may be offered a different dish, thank you for your understanding.
American style breakfast
There are made by fresh vegetables and ingredients from local farmers.
Bread, jam, and even yogurt are handmade of the Yumeya.


Cherry Blossom, Fresh Green, The Moon, Snow.. Admire Each Season Large communal bath 
It is made of stone in the bathtub, and you can enjoy the fragrance of the green of the ancient hinoki.
Open-air spa 
The scenery from outside the windows is in each seasons so amazing, in spring; cherry blossom viewing, in summer; the music of the birds, in autumn; enjoyment of the moon, in winter; bathing while enjoying a snow scene, how about these?
The rooms with open-air bathes 
The outdoor bath of the guest room is only fresh hot spring self source, too.
You can enjoy a hot spring relaxed and leisurely always. The room with outdoor bath of the self source, that opened in April, 2012. Whenever you like, you can enjoy a hot spring to relax.
Dedicated private bathroom building 
It is the half outdoor bath which is from 100% pure of hot spring sources, and is available for 24 hours.
In a bathrobe, you can stay with your favorite drink and enjoy the lovely garden outside.


Tea-ceremony room ‘Sakura-an’ (hermitage of cherry)
The tea-ceremony room is one of the four-and-a half-mat rooms. The room entering from Nigiriguchi (crawl-in entrance to the tearoom) is available to take a place to Japanese tea ceremony as well.
JPY 10,000 a day (Tax-excluded) For the use of the first tea ceremony of the year!!
Kotori-ha (Small bird leaf)
The place to be able to spend comfortably, going to return from the hot spring. It is slightly happy in time for wait.
“Mokkadogonsui” ("tree fire aurum earth water") The first floor of the affiliated building of Fujiya
The time to heal your mind and body from the busy daily life imperceptibly.
It is the aesthetics of healing to evolve that put elegant hot spring and treatment together, edited nature of the rock-like character to a motif.
It is long-established store of Niigata, beauty treatment salon "Topkapi" shop.
The original menu which featured the theme of hot spring, nature and healing can be enjoyed.
Within of the Yumeya, the “Kuu” enptiness
An operation of the “Mokkadogonsui” (tree, fire, gold, earth, water) in the Treatment Institute Princess Thohuuka, it come to be received in Yumeya.
Within of the Yumeya “Kuu” enptiness
An operation of the “Mokkadogonsui”(tree, fire, gold, earth, water) in the Treatment Institute of Princess Thohuuka, it come to be received in Yumeya.
With a focus on "the mind" and "the skill", the three sets of technique to come from the hand of the esthetician in Yumeya"empty Kuu": "technique of the lower part of the body" “technique of the upper body" and “technique of the full body".


37.735257 138.836656

905-1 Iwamuro-onsen,Nishikan-ku,Niigata,Niigata,953-0104,JAPAN
From Niigata International Airport: 60min by taxi

From Tokyo Station: 2hours to Tsubame Sanjo Station by Joetsu Shinkansen & 30min by taxi or free shuttle bus on 13:15.

Free pick up service from local JR staions(Iwamuro or Yahiko) can be provided. 14:00-17:00(Reservation required)


4 Reviews
4.29 /5
I was so upset when went at the entrance where but i didn't think was the big space. The gate with the recognition was seen in the depths of the parking lot, and the staff came to pick me up soon. The fire extinguisher is covered with a Japanese paper, and, as for the safe, a lattice is taken down, and cloth hang over a telephone, Be put together in key and the door of the bathhouse with the stipe of the paper lamp, by producing an extraordinary space in the ordinary daily life. The fixture and the bath of the room is made of hinoki. The outdoor bath is surrounded in a good and strong rock, and the clay soil of the circumference there is a feeling of the familiarity of the aging. It is approximately 8 tatamis (mats) in entrance space in the room of the cheap setting that we chose as the left-hand side. It is a washroom and a hinoki bath in the restroom stab of the right-hand side. The meal was an appropriate amount. I walked all in the hall barefoot, but did not feel sense of incongruity to a sole Bathroom was unrelated to the change of color slime to the every corner, too. I played means of transportation and a reserve was comprised to change it each time and wound up the mat I had my breakfast at 9:30 and then walking the mountain behind (the mountain ruins of a castle) for two hours sweated. Meanwhile, I had a car wash a car. There was no counter, without a souvenir corner, there was neither the vending machine nor the life noise. + More
The room, Facilities, Hospitality, the view of the garden, it is perfect at all points. An excellent view of the hotel is available. + More
I was very thankful for coming to pick up me at the trot. I was able to spend it relaxing way by hospitality maintaining a reasonable distance. Personality of staff was good, and soft manners was very comfortable. The smile of the person who serve guest was in particular wonderful and specially friendly The dishes were settled for all cooking one by one carefully and were delicious. The balance of the seasoning of meat, fish, vegetables were good and were able to enjoy it in various ways A plate installation and the decoration was on accordance with the season and the climate. I stayed at the many hotels until now, but the dish is a level of top 3. I found agreeable that not make a show of eccentricity, above all. When a season changes, I come again. All the halls were so clean and shiny. The garden was able to find nature in the connection from the foot of the mountain, too. It was healed by wild birdsong. The bedding was prepared properly. The pajamas of the rental was comfortable, too. I felt a heart of the hospitality at various places. The guide of the seat of breakfast included in the morning edition, that I would like to have when I arrived in the dining room. + More
I came to with my family. My long-cherished dream has come true because it was the hotel where I wanted to stay at once. My entire family was satisfied and was gone on a good trip. Comfortable spirit mood to receive from the whole hotel, peaceful voice of staff, and delicious meal, everything was very good. + More


Check-in Time
From 2:00pm to 7:30pm
Check-out Time
Until 11:00am
Tax / Service Charge
Bathing Tax JPY 150 per adult is NOT included in the rates.
Credit cards accepted at this property
Please note that children under 12 years old cannot be accommodated at this ryokan. Thank yof for your understanding.
Pets are NOT allowed.
Free of charge for guests; No Valet Parking Service;
Other policies & conditions
Nothing in paticular

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