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Okutsuso is the Japanese-style inn with the long history of serving hearty hospitality since 1927. Enjoy the 100% natural hotspring, the great pride of Okutsuso. Wi-Fi available throughout the ryokan.

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- VAT is included, but bathing tax (around JPY 150 per adult) may NOT be included.
- Price in USD is based on the exchange rate as of today and might be different from that of the booking date.


Relish the handmade goodness of cuisines made with the best locally cultivated ingredients from every season, without any artificial added flavours. The cuisine at Okutsusō is made utilizing the natural Onsen.
The hot spring at Okutsusō is naturally suitable for cooking and further enhances the flavours of the food.

“Karin”, a restaurant facing the Yoshii river that flows beside the resort.
Enjoy your food, made with the spirit of the Yado (traditional Japanese resort), in the calm atmosphere of the season with gently flowing streams of the river.


100% naturally heated hot-spring source・fresh water addition・with absolutely no cycled water. Take pleasure in the famous host spring, a【Real Onsen】where the water flows naturally.

About Kagiyu
Around 400 years ago under the administration of Tadamasa Mori, lord of the Tsuyama domain, this onsen was guarded, exclusively to be used by the Mori family.
As the bath was locked to keep the general people from entering, the bath became to know as “Kagiyu” (the locked bath).
That bath is the present day Okutsu onsen. Meisen Kagiyu, the hot spring water source of Okutsusō.
Odourless crystal clear hot water that naturally spills out bubbling through from under the rocks. Overflowing from the bathtub, the hot water streams like a river flowing through a valley.


Brewed using spring source water, Gensen Coffee Enjoy moments of relaxation, with the Gensen coffee and other beverages prepared and served inside the “Katsura” cafe lounge. 

Various artworks by Shikō Munakata
Shikō Munakata, the woodblock printmaker that represents Japan. He regularly visited Okutsusō, and the artworks received by the resort are put on exhibit throughout the hall.


35.223175 133.920352

48 Okutsu, Kagamino-cho, Tomata-gun,Okayama,708-0503,JAPAN
From Tsuyama Station:
60min by Chutetsu Bus, or 40min by taxi;
From Shin Osaka Station:
3.5hr by train; From Namba, Osaka: 2hr 50min by Express Bus to Okutsu-onsen-guchi & 5-min walk


5 Reviews
4.51 /5
The underground bath was awesome. Since the men and women baths were swapped, I got to experience two different onsen. The reserved bath also has a really nice view of the river. I felt quite relaxed in the quaint building that has been renovated very skillfully. The meals were also deliciously made with natural earthly ingredients. Aside from dining, their breakfast was also quite tasty. I really appreciate the timely response and kindness the place showed when they contacted the clinic for me and guided me to a hospital when my health dwindled a little due to fatigue. Thank you. + More
I was a tad concerned that Okutsu onsen might be a bit secluded, but the Okutsusō we went to was a very wonderful and pleasant resort. Their hotsprings are the best part. As characteristic to Okutsusō’s locked-bath, the feeling of hot water jets streaming from under my feet was amazing. Enjoying the reserved bath as a husband and wife couple, sitting in hot water with the view of the river flowing in the front and cool breeze flowing from the window, was a great experience. Their meals were delicious. Especially, the Mimasaka beef shabu-shabu that we ordered was excellent and had a nice smooth texture. The customer service was also great, from the landlady to the young staff, everyone that we came in contact with was very courteous. Thank you so much. I think I’d love to have the resort have us again. + More
This is our third time here, and my husband and I are very delighted. The hot spring water is very gentle on the skin, and it was nice and relaxing to have our own private bath. We tried all the various baths and enjoyed all of them. They also served my favorite amago (satsukimasu salmon) and the other dishes were also quite tasty. We would totally love to come stay once every year. Thank you very much. + More
We were highly satisfied with everything the resort had to offer. A location that faces the flowing river, calm demeanour, hot springs, attention to the customers etc. The staff’s correspondence was very elegant and courteous and we enjoyed our stay with great comfort. Especially the hot spring water quality is wonderful! It makes the skin so soft and smooth. We would love to have another opportunity to stay. + More
Driving by the river here in autumn a couple of years ago passing in front of Okutsusō, the resort, that looked like it has some interesting history behind it, caught my curiosity. I looked it up, and became really interested when I found out that it has Japan’s finest self-streaming hot spring with a great temperature; which is quite rare in Japan. So I drove my car in through the entrance, handed over my keys, and as I entered I was greeted with some matcha in the waiting room. I found that the bathroom is a bit narrow but it has plenty of hot water. They have a rock bath in addition to the standing hot bath, there are also two family baths. Since I really love onsen it was a delight. The resort might be old, but it is very clean and well maintained with pristine spring water. Enjoying the meals with the Yoshii river streaming made it all the more delicious. I am really satisfied with the resort as I relaxed mellowly and it helped heal my body and soul. I’d like to deeply thank all of the resort staff. + More


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From 3:00pm to 7:00pm
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Until 10:00am
Tax / Service Charge
Bathing Tax JPY 150 per adult is NOT included in the rates.
Credit cards accepted at this property
Children are NOT allowed.
Pets are NOT allowed.
Free of charge for guests; Capacity 10 vehicles; No Valet Parking Service
Other policies & conditions
Payment is accepted by cash only. Credit card is not accpeted. Thank you for your cooperation.

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