Takimotokan Yukari-no-sato

4.48 / 5
(5 Reviews)

Beautiful night view from the mountain. "Luxury of not doing anything" for you.

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The Season of the Woodlands With a focus on the freshest chosen ingredients harvested locally in the blessed mountain villages.
The resort keeps an eye for the most delicious foods of the season, and brings in new dishes by the turn of every month. Delicate yet bold, indulge in skillfully made creative Kaiseki banquet cuisine accompanied by the best quality sake.


Gaze beyond the plains of Nōbi On a clear day one can see as far as the JR central towers, Mt.Ena and Kisomitake.
Especially at night, the city scape spread across the field creates a such a breathtaking view in the splendid open-air bath that is acclaimed to be even more beautiful that Hakodate or Rokkō by onsen enthusiasts.
The bath of Yōrō hot spring · Yūki no Sato.


Hospitality that pleases all five senses From the moment you enter, all of your five senses will be gently pleased by the elegance, courtesy and comfort of Japan.
Takimotokan Yūkinosato takes great care to ensure utmost hospitality.


35.281413 136.536197

Yoro-koen 1290-167, Yoro-cho, Yoro-gun,Gifu,503-1254,JAPAN
From JR Gifu-hashima Station: 40min by car
From Yoro Station(Kintetsu Yoro Line): 10min by car


5 Reviews
4.48 /5
It was my first time here, the customer service and the food here was outstanding. The hot springs were a delight with great hot water. Being on top of the mountain, the place had an amazing view. Autumn might just be the best time to be here. + More
Back in my room and in the open air bath, I easily forgot the hustle and bustle of the city life. Had an amazing experience in the open air bath; the sky was so clear, I could even see the faintest of stars. Just as expected the meals were really good too, and I ate to my satisfaction. And in the evening, I found onigiri in my room, like a secret midnight snack, such a delight, really thoughtful of the staff. I totally recommend going there early and having a leisurely time until checkout (11:00 a.m.) the next day. + More
We used this facility as a spouse couple. The customer service, in addition to great facilities hot springs and cozy rooms, was also wonderful and we were really satisfied. Also, for both dinner and breakfast, the chef was really nice and considerate of the customers needs and wishes. Felt like I experience “real” hospitality after a long while. We would definitely want to visit again in yet another season. Thank you. + More
I stayed in a fancy room called “Kangetsu”. The room was very spacious and convenient. However, the main attraction of this room was in the beauty of night view. The outline of the mountains on both sides of the Nōbi Plain, which are peek over the left and right corners creating a nice geometrical symmetry, like a inverted trapezoid. The breathtaking view of the scenery at night of the Nōbi Plain with its mountains emphasizes the stark darkness in the middle. The attached to the room kind of feels full with just one person in it. Then again, being just by yourself, one can let themselves just gaze at the night view and zone. As expected, the meals, the baths, and the customer service were really good. Even now, if I think about it, my thoughts always go back to the time sitting alone in the adjoined open air bath and gazing out to the view at night. + More
Just a day before I decided to stay here with my friend, honestly, I was not expecting much from the place. Pleasantly, I was deeply impressed with the scenery, cooking, customer service, the room. It wasn't what I expected, in a good way. Originally having a room next to the forest side, the resort changed it to another room with a great view of the hotel side. The view of the plains from from the top of the mountain was amazing, much to our delight. It was snowing since it was wintertime. I would love coming here with my family during the season when the cherries blossom,the leaves are a fresh green and Autumn. The refreshing drink service right as you come out of the onsen was also delightful, Yōrō water is the best. It was a really good trip. Thank you very much. + More


Check-in Time
From 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Check-out Time
Until 11:00am
Tax / Service Charge
Nothing in Particular.
Credit cards accepted at this property
Children are NOT allowed.
Pets are NOT allowed.
Free of charge for guests; Capacity 15 vehicles; No Valet Parking Service
Other policies & conditions
Please note that children of elementary school are not allowed to stay here. Thank you for your understanding.

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