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Authentic Japanese Inn filled with an atmosphere & an outstanding Karesansui rock garden. Have a restful moment with the heart-felt treat and our refined Kaiseki,which have been gaining the first prize straightly over 32 years in the cooking section in "the best 100 Ryokans selected by travel agencies." There is famous attraction of Ibusuki "Sand Bath" in the distance of 3 minutes walk.

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- VAT is included, but bathing tax (around JPY 150 per adult) may NOT be included.
- Price in USD is based on the exchange rate as of today and might be different from that of the booking date.


Taste: Carefully selecting and taking care with the natural flavors of ingredients
There is spirit of warm-welcoming in the realm of food where carefully selected materials come alive. We aim to create the masterpiece of Kagoshima that leave deep impression and invitation to the people for visiting again.

Chef’s choice – Special dishes.

Grilled Abalone in Miso sauce
The rich and full‐flavored dish grilled in original Japanese style sauce. The fresh abalone is steamed beforehand to create soft and full texture in your mouth.

Soft Boiled Kurobuta Pork
This popular dish in Shusui-en is cooked by taking off the unnecessary fat from the carefully selected Kurobuta pork from Kagoshima and cooked together with the soya beans from Saga and the Kombu seaweed from Rishiri to contract the high-quality lipids with soft texture and the deep taste.

Hurohuki grill stuffed in persimmon (Limited in season)
Our original dish served only in winter. The thick juice of the grilled oysters enclosed in the Japanese style sauce of egg yolk and white Miso. It is grilled and served in a bowl of persimmon.

Hyouroku-Gawara Soba
This original dish of Shusui-En is a grilled Soba noodles and delicacies of the land and sea served on Hioki roof tile, which is excellent in retaining heat.


Abundant water of Ibusaki Onsen will soften your body and heart. Ibusaki Onsen, famous with an ample supply of water, would warm up to the bone. Rest the body and soul in outdoor bath, please enjoy fully the land of onsen, Ibusaki.
The private Bathroom with exclusive living room,“Yu-ami Dokoro” has 2 choices; Western style and Japanese style. The quiet atmosphere by downlight and rustles of bamboo leaves blown in gentle wind produce the time of comfort and luxury. It allows to spend quality tim,e without any disturbance. The bathrooms are wheel-chair friendly.
Charge: ¥3000 / 50 mins
Open: 14:00~23:00 (reception closes at 22:00)
Reservation is available after the arrival.

Onsen and sand -2 foot baths at “Ama no Gawa”
There are 2 foot baths in the inner garden facing the lobby.
Dip your foot in the slight hot water, while sitting on the wooden bench outside.
The chat while feeling the taste of the seasons would warm and relax your body and heart.
It even warms your relationship in just 10 minutes!!

“Saraku” Sand bath Hall
5mins walk from “Shusui-En”,
Once you visit Ibusuki, “Sand bath” is a must!!
You could enjoy different sense of relief from bathing in hot water by laying in the warm sand using the heat of onsen which flows out on the coast. The heat of onsen surrounds your whole body with warmth and makes the circulation in the blood better. As the result the poisonous matter is excreted out of the body with sweat. It is the old health treatment that lately has been proving its medical effects. Let yourself feel the warm of the Earth while listening the waves on the beach.


Enjoy the taste of Wabi-sabi in our Japanese garden reflected the soul of Wa. The usual in the extraordinary – this self-question like Zen koan is the motive for welcoming our precious visitors. The intention to create the time space without any limitation -just like in ordinary life- on the excitement in trip.
The intension to warm up the body and mind and restore fully from the weariness of daily life.
We hope our Ryokan is the manifestation of these intentions.

Aesthetic Salon “Ri-Raku Pam
Fee: starting from ¥1050
Opening Hours: 16:00-23:00

Gallery “Shu”
The books of the heroes in Meiji restoration bring many thoughts to readers.

Shochu Bar “Kiraku”
There are variety of over 120 bottles in our vaunted cellar; from our original Shochu to the famous Satsuma Shochu made of sweet potato. Enjoy chatting and Karaoke with a glass of drink.


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5-27-27, Yunohama, Ibusuki-shi,Kagoshima,891-0406,JAPAN
From Kagoshima Airport, 100 min by bus.It is around five minutes by car between free pickup and drop-off Ibusuki Station and hotel.We perform microbus pickup and drop-off for exclusive use of guest in this hotel.Please use casually.


5 Reviews
4.81 /5
We stayed for restoring our health after a big lesson. We had given up about onsen because one of my friend could not use the communal bath due to the personal reason. But they offered us private bath generously.(they seem to be the cooperator of Pink Ribbon Movement.) Moreover, they immediately replaced us to seat on chairs at the meals, when they noticed that two people from our group has weak legs. We felt highly of their services and consideration, by being supported genuinely according to our physical and mental conditions. My friends who traveled from far away, were all impressed deeply and pleased. Herewith I would like to show my gratitude. Thank you. + More
Although this was our first time to visit to Kagoshima, this stay made us be in love with Kagoshima… We had a joyful and pleasant stay in Kagoshima for 3 days, deep thanks to Shusui-En that gave us great home. From the moment that we had arrived to the parking lot, the staffs looked us after with beaming smiles all though our stay. That made us feel fully at home. Our room attendant named Shiho who look us after during our stay, gave us great treat in every occasions. When in the meals, she brought us even the sense of ease together with the delicious meal. Thanks to her, we could fully enjoy the delicacies of Satsuma. There was much thoughtfulness paid everywhere in this Ryokan; the food, Tokoroten jelly served just after the bath, and a bag to carry spare clothes. I could imagine the generosity of the staffs and it made me grateful to them and happy. + More
This was our first visit to Ibusuki. We had not planned anything and spontaneously asked a pick-up from Ibusuki Station on the arrival day, but they picked us generously. We spent a great time of comfort all through our stay, thanks to warm, friendly, and excellent services. Moreover, the view of beautiful garden from the lobby, the writings of Satsuma Warrior in Edo-Meiji period and various antique Satsuma potteries and the main building made me nostalgic and feel more at home. Their renowned meal was simple but cooked with great care that reminded me again their great sense of consideration. I had a great meal with drinking Shochu in Kurojoka, the Shochu server. I would like to spare more time to visit again. Thank you for the hospitality. + More
This Ryokan was fantastic as its reputation. More than anything, courteous, kind and warm services of the staffs made our stay pleasant. Although it was the trip with my parents at an advanced age, the staffs welcomed and took warm care of them from the moment of our arrival with the car. As well our room attendant was kind to us. The room was spacious, everything was clean and tidy and that gave us great comfort. There was everything needed, we felt the high degreee of their considerations. Onsen is not particulary big, yet spacious enough to bathe and relax. And the meal was great as their good reputations. We enjoyed fully both the dishes with fresh materials and the dishes that went through cooking. The dining is devided into private rooms and was quiet and contained. If I have another opportunity to visit Ibusuki, I would like to stay here for another time. + More
This was our first time to stay in this Ryokan. As their reputation of winning the first prize straight for 37 years in the cooking section of The Best 100 Ryokans selected by Travel Agency says. The dishes extracting the Umami of the materials was absolutely the best. Especially Grilled abalone in Miso sauce was awesome. We stayed in a suite room, which they have only two. The drawing, pottery, and scroll that decorates the room were all magnificent historical crafts. The supreme atmosphere spread in the air is the one that only the Ryokan with a long history would have. Their onsen has a half outdoor and an indoor bath organized tidily in a modest size. The water in the bath Is slightly tepid. A side of the bath tub is slightly tilted in the way that you can lean back and rest your shoulder against. I dipped myself deep till my neck, and it allowed me to stay at ease in the bath for a while. Although I got impression while bathing that the water was not hot enough, I was so warm and nearly sweating after going out. I enjoyed bathing and took a bath for 3 times through my stay; on the arrival, before going to bed, and after the breakfast. What made our stay fantastic was the warm care of the hotel staffs. From the response the receptionist on booking call, to the treats of Nakai, the room attendant, they had an exclusive attendant and looked us after in a very considarate way. Though words has limitation to express everything that I have, we could feel their considerations and ideas to create a pleasant feeling to the visitors. All my family were pleased and we had a quality time of intermission. Actually I had had an impression that the price is a bit high, but it was much worth staying here. It certainly made me want to come back here again. + More


Check-in Time
From 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Check-out Time
Until 10:30am
Tax / Service Charge
Bathing Tax JPY 150 per adult is NOT included in the rates.
Credit cards accepted at this property
Children are welcome.
Pets are NOT allowed.
Free of charge for guests;Capacity 50 vehicles;
Other policies & conditions
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